Happiness coaching

Be coached in my personal happiness philosophy, that allowed me to move on from past trauma and focus on future happiness.

The thing that prevented me the most from getting anything out of working with coaches, therapists or anyone else, was that I had been through extreme circumstances, so I didn’t trust anyone's ability to help me. The person sitting opposite me would reassure I would be fine, but how on earth could they possibly know? I would have to move through life carrying not only my past, but I would forever be marked by what I am – something that many people hate. How would anything ever be fine?

Fortunately, I sorted myself out and turned out more than fine – I turned out amazing! However, it took years of intense, hard work on myself to do this. In my private sessions, I look for people who want to go on that internal journey with me. If you’ve tried “achieving your goals” and “self realization” and it didn’t bring you the fulfillment you were searching for, my philosophy is for you. I consider happiness a skill to be practiced and it’s one we can all become good at.

Coaching with Ceecee

Coaching with me is personal and tailored to your individual needs. You will get:

Judgment free zone - You will be in a safe space with someone who has spent her whole life being judged by others. Being open minded is not merely professional to me - it is personal.


Increased self reflection – My method inspires you to be self reflective. We look at how our behaviors and thought patterns impact our lives. We go beyond the actions into the motivations and ask the question "why?" a lot. We are accountable for ourselves regardless of what we have been through.


Detachment – Detachment is the mechanism through which we let go of what we cannot change and that which brings us no benefit. It also enables us to look honestly at ourselves and our experiences without getting defensive. It's relating to yourself and your experiences objectively.


Focus on the Self – You are your own responsibility, other people are theirs. 


Intentional thinking – Rather than leaving thoughts and feelings as random reactions to external stimuli, I want you to decide how to think and feel. Mindful actions rather than mindless reactions! 


Reframe your narrative - I will help you reframe what goes on inside of your head, so that it fits the intention: to be happier.  As I coach you, I will help you identify your barriers, the things you are still attached to and make your happiness and healing dependent on, and assist you in releasing them.


The "Does it matter?" question – Explore the effects of this question in relation to how we latch onto pain.


Much, much more - I will take you through all of the above and much more depending on what you need.

I am NOT a "success" coach

Happiness isn't tied to traditional "success".

I achieved happiness after being deeply depressed for over half a decade despite:


Living in my parents attic 

Working a dead end job

Being in a country where someone recently tried to piss on me in public because of who I am

 Having no plans for my future (because I had tried everything I thought I wanted)

Knowing that I am something that millions of people will probably always hate (at least in my lifetime).

I am not here to help you advance your career – I am here to help you understand that not advancing in your career isn’t why you are miserable. Not really.

My method is to change everything internally


I am here to tell you that you can be happy and fulfilled regardless. I am here to tell you that your happiness is only limited by your ability to produce it.

I am here to teach you how to be happy right now and to grow from there.