Transformational Speaking

Reframe Your Narrative

Having grown up with trauma caused by systematic societal abuse and harassment, the struggles of social ostracization, a mismatched gender, the associated self hatred, body dysmorphia, anxiety and long term depression and the resultant failure of living up to the expectations placed on all of us, Ceecee understands first hand the narrative that forms from having lived an abuse lead life. For many years she fell deeper into a pit of resentment, bitterness and hatred that threatened to consume her if something didn’t change – fortunately it did. But how? In her shows, Ceecee addresses the transformative power of genuinely reframing your narrative by using herself as an example. She wants to teach you not to simply overcome, but to lead a life full of stable, long term, unconditional happiness.

Ceecee is not a natural optimist. In fact, she used to consider everything to do with “internal change”, “mindsets”, and “coaching” to be solutions reserved for people with no real problems. As a professional public speaker she’s made it her mission to make others understand just how much power they hold over their own mind and to help them choose happiness.


Her show "Becoming Ceecee" offers:

  • A unique, incredible, unbelievable-yet-true story about learning how to love yourself and find unconditional happiness in spite of decades of abuse and suffering.

  • Insights and lessons learned from her experiences.

  • A philosophy for happiness rooted in her own experiences, that enables the listener to truly understand the proper application and transformational effects of well known concepts such as accountability, forgiveness, gratitude, kindness, and many more.

  • How to reprogram your thinking in a way that enables you to consciously choose happiness.

  • A format that enables the listener to receive the message they need to receive. Her shows have helped people let go of long term pain, accept themselves, forgive estranged parents, manage self destructive behavior, “come out”, be better people overall, and much more. Read some testimonials to hear what people are saying!